Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Prof Ana Tibaijuka akiwasha mwenge wa Olimpiki ulipokuja Tanzania.
Akiukimbiza nje ya uwanja wa Taifa jijini Dar es Salaam.

UN-HABITAT Executive Director to attend Olympics opening ceremony ahead of talks with Chinese Government

UN-HABITAT’s Executive Director, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka, will attend the Olympic Games opening ceremony on 8 August ahead of talks with senior Chinese officials on how the agency can further support China at a time the country is experiencing the most rapid urbanisation in its history.

Mrs. Tibaijuka, who carried the Olympic flame when it passed through her home country, Tanzania, will also discuss arrangements for the fourth session of UN-HABITAT’s biennial World Urban Forum being held this year in the Chinese city of Nanjing 3-6 November.

“The President of the International Olympic Committee invited me to participate at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in view of the importance of sports activities in sustainable urbanization,” Mrs. Tibaijuka said.

She pointed out most sporting activities are urban phenomena, and the Olympics like much else, are taking place in cities. The planning of cities must therefore take into account the allocation of space for sports. However, in numerous cities and towns of the developing world many communities are denied space for sports and playing grounds. Children in the slums have to make do with playing on dirty footpaths and alleys.

“The IOC wishes to work with UN-HABITAT in this important area,” she said.

On the eve of the opening ceremony, Mrs. Tibaijuka will address the Executive Committee of the Sport for Development and Peace International Working Group. Her meetings also include talks with the President of the China Development Bank, Mr. Chen Yuan, in which they will discuss a new strategic partnership for promoting global housing finance initiatives.

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